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Willingness is the Most
Precious Resource in
Addiction Recovery

Desert Rose Recovery has the addiction recovery help you need to end the cycle of abuse. It’s no mistake you find yourself on a page about addiction help. Whatever thought or impulse brought you here in this exact moment, there is one thing you must know. Willingness is the most precious resource in addiction recovery. That’s important so we’ll say it again.

You are most likely reading these words because you want addiction help for yourself. You’ve reached a threshold of pain and discomfort that demands a decision. The realization that you cannot overcome addiction alone has set in and you know you cannot continue to live the way you have been. As dire as that may sound, it’s great news. You should be happy to be here! If that sounds a little crazy, keep reading and it will start to make sense.

The reason so many people still suffer in addiction isn’t because addiction help isn’t available. It’s also not because they don’t know they need the addiction help only a drug detox and alcohol and drug rehab like ours can give them. It really comes down to one thing. Willingness. People caught in the throes of active addiction intuitively know they are in trouble. They may not readily admit it others, or even themselves. But they know. Living in addiction isn’t a natural state of being.

Addiction Help That Makes the Difference

No one really wants to be addicted. But addiction is an insidious beast which fights for survival. It uses fear to keep you from asking for addiction help. Fear of withdrawal. The fear of pain. Fear of anxiety. The fear of being sober and squirming, left alone with self-destructive thoughts and despair. Addiction is a disease, make no mistake. Your disease wants to keep you sick because that’s how stay strong. Your misery is what fuels it. But we are going to stick a spear into this beast that’s slowly, but surely killing you. The reason we can do that is simple. You had the willingness to look for addiction help and that brought you to this page. That same willingness can bring you to our front door and give you the strength to step inside.

Some Words for “Functional Addicts and Alcoholics”

Even if you see yourself as a “functional addict” or a “maintenance drinker”, you have chaos and turmoil in one form or another in your life. Even if the surface waters seem calm to most of those around you, you know better. You are still hurt by the tumultuous rip currents under the surface of that glassy sea. Maybe you’re self-medicating as a salve of the sting of unresolved trauma. Perhaps you became addicted to opioids due to chronic pain that wasn’t sufficiently manages. Or, like millions of Americans, you may have dabbled in alcohol and drugs simply to relieve boredom.

Addiction Recovery: The Answers are in Your Heart.

We’re not going to tell you that the reasons you became addicted are not important. They are. Understanding those reasons holds many of the keys to get you addiction recovery that lasts. But you don’t need to peel back those layers yet. If you’re reading these words, it’s because you aren’t in a drug detox or drug rehab in Palm Beach yet. None of the important work we need to do together can happen until we get you here. So, this part is very, very simple. The only thing that matters right here, right now is ACTION. Addiction isn’t a problem you can think your way out of, so get your of your head. The answers aren’t there. They are in your heart.

Addiction is Strong. You are Stronger.

Forget about imagining the rest of your life sober now. You don’t need to figure anything out here. Let go of all those seemingly impossible problems swimming around in your head right now. Let go of the fear. If you can’t let it go, ignore it and soldier on. Just keep marching forward. Any fear or doubt you are feeling. Any excuses not to go to drug detox or drug rehab are nothing more than your disease fighting to survive. That is the most helpful way to think about this and get the addiction help you need. It’s you versus IT.

Addiction is quite possibly the most powerful demon you’ve ever had to battle. Your enemy is strong. But you are stronger and you don’t need to do it alone. Desert Rose Recovery’s drug detox and drug rehab will level the playing field. In fact, we can do better than that. We’re going to give you an unfair advantage over your enemy. Addiction plays dirty, so it’s time to take off the gloves when we fight back. The best weapon you have, especially right now, is willingness. All it takes to get addiction recovery started is a bit of willingness and the courage to believe that you can recovery.

Addiction Recovery: Why Not You?

Millions of Americans go to drug detox or drug rehab every year. At least 30 million Americans are living in addiction recovery. If they can do it, you can too! If you’ve been down this road before, do not worry. Most of us don’t get this thing the first time around. For whatever reason, we aren’t always all-in on recovery the first time. Sometimes we believe we are, but we hold onto reservations or secrets without even really realizing it. Those remnants of our disease that we let continue to live in the shadows can take us out again when we least expect it. What matters is that you are here.

Now. Forget the shame and forget the fear. Because we don’t do shame and fear. We don’t have time for it. It might be in the room with us, but we ignore it. Those feelings only have as much power as we allow them to have. They are like ghosts without substance or weight. No matter how powerful they may try to convince us they are, we can pass right through them. Like ghosts. All it takes is willingness. Willingness to believe. The willingness to try. And guess what. You wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t have the willingness it takes to get addiction recovery. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time going to drug rehab or your fourteenth. This moment right now is all that matters. You don’t have a time machine to fix the past nor a crystal ball to see the future. So let them go. Let’s just do NOW.

Desert Rose: Complete Solutions for Addiction Recovery

At Desert Rose we offer a complete solution for addiction recovery under a single banner. Millions of Americans go to drug detox or drug rehab every year, but not everyone has access to all of the services they need within a single program. Most clients find the continuity of care very beneficial. Going to drug rehab can be challenging. Programs that require you to attend drug detox at different program and be discharged, then transferred to their facility can unnecessarily add to the complexity and stress level.

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Drug rehabs that do not offer true inpatient residential care may put patients in the position of needing to move on to their Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or even step down to an Intensive Outpatient Program with addiction recovery housing before they are ready. At Desert Rose Recovery, our program structure offers all of the fundamental addiction recovery levels of care recommended by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), which is the standard bearer for treatment protocols in American drug detox and drug rehab facilities.

Your Partner in Recovery from Start to Finish

This means you are with Desert Rose Recovery from start to finish. You’ll receive expert medication supported medical detox at a Desert Rose facility, you will also get every level of support that you personally need to build enduring addiction recovery directly from us, at our facility. From medical detox to residential inpatient and partial hospitalization all the way through intensive outpatient program, outpatient treatment and aftercare, Desert Rose guides your addiction recovery process end to end.

Addiction Recovery Services We Offer

  • Medication-Assisted Detoxification (Medical Detox)

Desert Rose Recovery is a complete drug and alcohol rehab. Unlike more limited addiction treatment programs, we offer all the primary ASAM levels of care in-house. We believe complete treatment is necessary for complete recovery to occur. Here you will receive a safe and comfortable medically monitored detox under 24-hour supervision to carefully control any withdrawal discomfort.

  • Inpatient Rehab Care

Every client at our premier drug and alcohol rehab receives an individualized treatment plan tailored to their needs. Careful and continuous assessment is just one facet of the attention to detail that makes Desert Rose Recovery unique. Our inpatient rehab program is where we are best able to put our skills to use for you. With 24-hour clinical staff, individual and group therapy and much more.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP is the first step after inpatient rehab. Once it is deemed clinically appropriate, patients move into the PHP phase. Here the vital work of addiction recovery continues and we build upon the growth accomplished during inpatient treatment. During PHP clients are also afforded a little more recreation, rest and relaxation time to recharge themselves.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is the next phase of our unique evidence-based addiction care curriculum. The Desert Rose Recovery IOP fosters the personal growth we believe is critical to enduring recovery. This is a key part of our drug and alcohol rehab because it’s where clients begin to learn how to bridge their recovery life to their everyday lives out in the world.

  • Outpatient Program

After you complete your stay at Desert Rose Recovery, you can continue to attend our outpatient program support. This gives you the freedom to return to a full schedule at work or school or taking care of family while receiving professional addiction recovery support. We are truly a no-compromise program. The is especially true when it comes to the amount and variety of support we provide each and every client we care for in their addiction recovery journey.

  • Aftercare Support and Alumni Department

Life in addiction recovery after drug rehab still has its challenges. Having a resource you can call upon for referrals or advice really helps when it comes to navigating those waters. The Desert Rose alumni services department helps reinforce that support by staying in contact with former clients and even planning activities and events that they can use to stay connected to one another and strengthen the bonds of fellowship that are so important to personal growth, especially in the beginning.

Complete Addiction Recovery. Alcohol and Drug Detox and Rehab.

The addiction help you know you need and deserve is just on the other end of the line. You found the willingness to seek it out. All that’s left to do is make that phone call that will begin the first new day in the rest of your life. We’re ready to give you a hand and a shoulder to lean on. There’s strength in numbers and together we can move through any obstacle. Give us a call and we’ll get to work transforming your life today.

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