Aishia Therlong

Aisha Therlong

Recovery Support Specialist

Aishia infuses her whole heart into her work at Desert Rose. She thrives by offering help and service to others. Her local church benefits from her contributions with outreach ministry and youth leadership. If you know her, you know she leaves a positive impression on your life. Building trust, being transparent, and offering love and compassion are core values she lives from. 

Aishia says, “I believe I have made a difference in people͛s lives with care, concern, a listening ear, a hug, and mainly encouraging words: ͚Keep going, don͛t give up!͛“She followed her heart through the coursework of an Associate͛s Degree in Nursing, and has seven years of practice working in treatment. She personally knows the challenges of addiction. Where addiction had written its story on her life, she has re-written her future as a true overcomer. She lives to share her story of recovery with you. 
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