Anthony Scaparotti

T.J. Scaparotti

Not only is T.J. tasked with the daily upkeep and maintenance of Desert Rose’s residential properties, he works with clients on life skills and job opportunities and in outreach to the community. It’s work he takes personally, given his long history of drug abuse.  
Part of T.J.’s story is that for many years he never had access to a caring, professional recovery program like Desert Rose. It wasn’t until he had the opportunity to go to treatment that he realized it for the gift it is.  
“You can be you, and be sober,” says T.J. in his thick Boston accent. “I don’t want kids, 18- to 26-year-old kids, to go through what I went through if I can make some sort of an impact. If these kids stay alive, they will want to get sober one day. That is the place I want to be a part of and help build.”  
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