Craig Woolard

Craig Woolard

Clinical Director

A Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Craig works diligently to create a warm, nurturing, safe destination for recovery. With nearly 25 years of experience in the addiction and behavioral health field, Craig has aligned with Desert Rose because of its unparalleled commitment to helping others in a Soul-Centered™ approach to treatment. 

 It’s my mission to help people overcome life’s challenges and understand that when one door closes in a person’s life, another one opens, Craig says. Unfortunately, many individuals look so long at the closed door that they do not see the one that has been opened." 

Craig believes that the Desert Rose vision offers real hope in an industry that continues to follow ineffective treatment protocols. Craig has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in residential, outpatient, psychiatric, and criminal justice settings, and with programs that include detox, crisis stabilization, and medical assisted therapy. He knows that many programs fail their clients by being more committed to the business of treatment than to seeing lives changed. 

 Repeat business is what we fight relentlessly against. Craig views his role as blending the vision of Desert Rose with sound clinical treatment to help break the cycle of addiction. 
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