Attending Desert Rose night meetings can be a beneficial way of getting the help an individual needs while working back into a normal routine. They can also be a beneficial tool for those who sense a relapse may be coming. Whatever the reasoning may be, the Desert Rose night program is a great alternative tool for those who want to continue a life in long-term recovery and get the clinical care associated with a best in class facility.

Evening Meetings allow clients to live their daily lives without having their lives completely interrupted. Individuals in these programs aren’t completely shielded from outside negative influences which could adversely affect long-term recovery. These meetings provide Desert Rose clients with the support at different levels of continuum of care and ensure that their sobriety is a top priority.

Desert Rose offers both men and women night programs and allows you or your loved one to maintain the daily life commitments, while also getting the clinical care and treatment that is needed.

Evening IOP Program​

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 5:30-9:00 PM

Long-term Care

Attendees are eligible for an individual session with a clinical therapist once a week to help determine the best course of long-term care in recovery.


On-site Therapy

Clients attend two group therapy sessions per week, and also receive individual therapy. A psychiatrist and dietician are also available.

Evidence-based Treatment

In our evening program, clients participate in an intensive skills program, as well as receive other evidence-based therapies. These skills help them to achieve greater balance in their lives and help them to manage their symptoms freeing them to pursue their goals.



Professionals, students, and others with busy day schedules can fit recovery and treatment into their lives with Desert Rose night programs.

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Evening IOP Program Includes:​

• Comprehensive Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other evidence-based therapies

• Two group therapy sessions per night

• Individual therapy

• Psychiatrist and dietician available

• Primary mental health diagnosis, addiction, or dual diagnosis

Located at our treatment facility in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Conveniently located off the turnpike and I-95