July 7, 2022

How Counseling Can Help with Substance Abuse

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How Counseling Can Help with Substance Abuse

Addiction is a treatable, but not curable, disease. There are millions of people who have been able to successfully manage their addiction. One thing to remember and note is that recovery is a lifelong process that can be tough, but rewarding at the same time. The good news is there are so many professionals and other people who can support you throughout your recovery. One of the types of people that can help you manage your substance abuse disorder is counselors. Here at Desert Rose, our counselors play a key role in the treatment and recovery process.

Why is Treatment Needed for Substance Abuse Disorders

Long-term substance abuse cause changes to a person’s brain that can stick around for a long time even after they quit using alcohol or rugs. The changes can cause behavioral issues such as problems with motivation, impulse control and much more. Alcohol and drugs also increases compulsive behaviors, affects willpower and causes destruction in all areas of a person’s life including their work, school, community and home/personal life.

In addition, some people are more apt to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol due to environmental or genetic factors. It is important that these people get the professional help and support needed to overcome the substance abuse disorder.

Since addiction to drugs and alcohol is more than just being dependent upon them, there is a risk of relapsing, even after someone has gone through the detox process. There are a variety of social, environmental and psychological factors that can trigger someone to use drugs or alcohol again. Without receiving the proper support or learn the best strategies to improve mental health and overall health, including fighting off an addiction, the relapse is more likely to happen, as well.

This is where counseling comes into play. Many people in recovery find that going to counseling holds them accountable to their recovery. It also gives them an outlet to express their feelings, talk about their triggers and work through their cravings. Studies have shown that people who attend counseling in recovery are much less likely to relapse than those who don’t attend counseling or don’t participate fully in their treatment program.

What Role Do Substance Abuse Counselors Play in Recovery

As just noted, substance abuse counselor do have a positive impact on the lives of those who in recovery from an addiction or substance use disorder. These counselors help people to quit using alcohol and drugs, prevent relapse and teach them how to live productive, healthy lifestyles.

Typically, substance abuse counselors will need to be a part of your recovery support network for an extended period of time. However, the length of time that you attend individual, group or family counseling can vary based on your circumstances and needs in recovery.

It should also be noted that these counselors want what is best for their patients. They want to see you get clean and sober, maintain your recovery and create the life you deserve and dream of. The counselors also help their patient’s to address interpersonal relationship issues and help them get into other support programs to keep their recovery alive.

Do you struggle with alcohol or drug abuse? If so, our Desert Rose addiction and mental health counselors would like to start helping you work through these issues today.

Learning the Differences Between a Sponsor and Addiction Counselor

A sponsor has their own personal experience with substance abuse or addiction issues. They are ready to assist others in their recovery journey. Generally, sponsors have had their own success with either a 12-step program or another type of recovery program. They usually have a good number of sober/clean months or years under their belt, as well. A sponsor is basically a guide to recovery who helps you work through addiction-related issues and help to hold you accountable to your recovery, as well.

On the other hand, an addiction counselor, is a licensed, trained professional that helps their patients work through addiction-related, emotional and behavioral issues in a therapeutic setting. These counselor conduct addiction evaluations, create individualized treatment plans, help the patient address dual diagnosis disorders (addictions and mental health disorders) and lead the individual/group therapy sessions. When needed, the addiction counselors can also refer out patients to support programs or groups, where that patient may then do recovery work with a sponsor, as well.

Ideally, people who are in recovery will work with individual and group counselors, while attending a 12-step or other recovery program where they can work with their sponsor, too. By participating in both these options, there is a lower risk of relapse and a higher chance of addressing any underlying issues that could affect your recovery.

Are you ready to start a treatment program where you can receive counseling services? If so, don’t hesitate to let our Desert Rose team know today.


What Makes Treatments for Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse Effective?

Do you have a dependence on alcohol or drugs? Would you like to get back control over your life? If so, addiction treatment can help more than you may realize. Actively participating in any alcohol or drug abuse treatment program you attend can further amplify your success in recovery. Some of the reasons why this type of treatment is beneficial and effective include:

  • Able to receive individualized treatment (treatment matches your specific addiction recovery and mental health needs)
  • Addresses more than just substance abuse (you can talk about other issues such as social, family, medical, and psychological issues)
  • Continuous assessments and monitoring (treatment approaches and intensity can change based on your current or future needs)
  • Co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorders (addiction and mental health disorders) can be assessed, diagnosed, and treated effectively
  • Receive adequate treatment throughout your recovery
  • Can be easily added to any addiction recovery or mental health treatment plan

Are you or someone you know struggling with substance abuse? If so, now is the time to get the help you need. Let counseling be one of the tools you use to overcome addiction and live a positive, healthy life in recovery.

How Effective Is Addiction Counseling?

Unlike many treatments for other diseases, it can be tough to quantify the success and efficacy of counseling in substance abuse treatment. The reason for this is because the benefits someone receives may not seem like a lot to another person. However, they can mean everything to the individual who receives counseling services. With this being said, some ways you can tell whether addiction counseling is effective or not are if you:

  • Quit using alcohol or drugs
  • Decrease your criminal or other unhealthy activities
  • Improve your psychological, social, and occupational functioning
  • Improve your overall quality of life

If you receive any of these benefits, it could significantly improve your life and recovery.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment with Counseling Services Today

Do you struggle with drug or alcohol abuse? If you have any substance abuse issues or disorders, don’t hesitate to contact us today, here at Desert Rose. We have counselors on staff ready to help you get clean and sober. They can assist you throughout your recovery, as well.

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