July 19, 2022

How Do I Know I Have an Alcohol Problem

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How Do I Know I Have an Alcohol Problem

You might wonder if you have an alcohol issue. Or you may wonder if someone you know might have an alcohol issue. Though, you may not be sure. Perhaps, you have an idea of what an alcohol issue somewhat looks like. Although, it’s not really the exact picture of your situation. Therefore, does that mean there is no issue after all?

What type of person has alcohol abuse issues?

Many people think there is only one type of person who struggles with alcohol use. They stereotype them as unemployed, drinking everyday, non responsible for their bills, and not meeting responsibilities. Although, this is simply not the case. If a person continues the behavior even though they face negative consequences over and over again, it’s a problem. Therefore, anyone can have an alcohol issue.

Those who struggle with alcohol abuse are all different in many ways. They have different issues, live different lives, and they even drink differently too. Those with alcohol issues may:

  • Drink only on weekends
  • Binge drink every few months
  • Drink every day
  • Not drink at all (in active recovery)

Examples of alcohol problems:

  • Drinking four or five beers or more prior and after meals.
  • Planning to drink only a couple beers and finding yourself to have drank many more.
  • Embarrassing your significant other or family/friends with your behavior due to your excessive drinking.
  • Finding yourself quick to anger at a certain point of drinking where you are yelling and/or throwing things.
  • Your significant other and yourself having arguments about how much you are drinking or drinking overall.
  • You choose to drink versus take care of responsibilities or take part in things you once enjoyed.
  • Financially you find yourself struggling because you are spending more and more money on alcohol to feed your addiction.
  • Getting pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Is there a problem?

How do I know I have an alcohol problem - Desert Rose Recovery - Desert Rose Recovery

According to recent studies 1 in 8 American adults have an alcohol addiction. When it comes to alcohol issues they can be mild or severe. Alcohol use issues can range from mild to very bad. Some things to think about when it comes to alcohol are:

  • how much a person drinks
  • how often a person drinks
  • if someone can’t stick to some limits (like saying they will only have 2 drinks and then getting drunk)
  • being preoccupied with drinking
  • receiving feedback from others that they have concerns over the person’s drinking

Those are not the only signs of alcohol use. There are many more signs of alcohol use as well. A person who has an issue with alcohol usually has issues in some or all of these areas.

  • Work
  • Health
  • Family
  • The Law
  • Money
  • Friends

What can I say to help?

Sometimes the person with the alcohol issue thinks everything is fine and you are the one making an issue out of nothing when you express concern about their alcoholism. This can make it difficult when expressing concern and love for a family member or friend who has a problem with alcohol. Denial is a normal reaction for those who have alcohol or substance abuse issues. The most valuable thing you can remember is that you cannot force anyone to see things the way you see them or force them to change.

Focus on how you feel about drinking when you talk to your friend or family member about it. For example, “When you got drunk and passed out at my friend’s party, it really upset me and made me feel embarrassed.”

Try to be as supportive as you can and state how you feel about them. As an example, “I care for you very much, yet I am concerned about your health due to your alcohol problem. I know you have other health issues and drinking isn’t good for them.”

State in a clear manner what you expect or want from them, “I want you to see a therapist and work with them about quitting your drinking.” You may not get a positive answer, and then you may need to set limits. The limits you set need to be something you can follow through on and ultimately stick to. Do not say you’re going to leave them or move out of the home unless you are going to follow through in doing so.

No matter what it is very important to always take care of yourself first. If someone else’s behavior is causing you an abundant amount of stress that you are unable to function, it’s time to take a step back. It’s good to possibly see a counselor yourself to help get the support you need along with practicing some self-care in addition to. It’s not easy having a loved one with an addiction. You are able to see a counselor about another person’s addiction even if they won’t get help.

What kind of help can I get?

Here at Desert Rose Recovery we have many substance abuse treatment programs including for alcohol. We also have a medically supervised detox program in addition to that you can begin your rehabilitation program and treatments.

Aside from our residential rehab treatment program which can last anywhere from 30 days to a year. We also have a partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), and outpatient treatment program (OTP). If you need to overcome an alcohol problem, let us know today.

We are nationally recognized and fully accredited, along with evidence-based treatment centers. In addition, we accept most insurances.

Our detox facility is located in the Ft. Pierce location in Florida. While our residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs are located in our central campus in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

We have a complete addiction treatment for complete addiction recovery here in sunny Florida! Contact us today, to speak with an advisor on how we can best serve you in giving you the tools and support you need to overcome your alcohol problem!

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