December 26, 2021

How to Choose the Best Florida Drug Rehab Center

Are you in Florida and are looking for ways to end your drug and alcohol addiction?

Alcohol and drug abuse and addiction are truly horrendous conditions that destroy lives and families. Fortunately, vast numbers of treatment facilities across the State of Florida are committed to assisting those in need on their way to recovery and helping them stick to it.

There are numerous treatment programs available, and each treatment  experience of the seeker will highly differ from that of another.

Your sobriety is critical, which is why it’s critical that you select the right Florida drug rehab. The right program will increase your chances of completing the program successfully, leaving you sober and maintaining your sobriety after going back to your normal life.

However, due to the overwhelming number of choices available, making a decision can be stressful, and the unfortunate truth is that some rehabs are better than others. It is critical to determine your preferences in order to make the best choice.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best Florida drug rehab center.

Inpatient VS Outpatient Rehab

Deciding on an inpatient or outpatient rehab should be the first thing you do. Note that there are advantages to both forms of rehab options.

An inpatient rehab facility will provide you with treatment and accommodation 24/7 until your treatment is over. The facilities allow patients to focus on their full recovery. If you have severe alcohol and drug addiction, inpatient rehab centers should be your number one choice.

But, an outpatient rehab facility is better for those who want to live at home. They will have to attend treatment sessions for several days at the rehab facility.

An inpatient rehab program has a better success rate than outpatient rehab programs. But, it is more expensive. The outpatient program is less expensive, but it has a lower success rate.

Accreditation, Licensing, and Certifications

Rehabs need accreditations from CARF and The Joint Commission. Both operate independently and are non-profit organizations. They use the industry’s performance of the rehab center to base their accreditation.

They check on the rehab center’s results, performance standards, quality, and values. Note that the state licensing is not accreditation. States vary in their mode of licensing requirements.

Also, for a rehab center to advertise its services on Google, it must go through certification through LegitScript. Certification ensures legitimate, and quality rehab centers advertise their services on Google.

Since it is not always obvious about the best facility, check out both positive and negative reviews of the rehab facility online.

Cost and Insurance options

The cost is often the biggest factor for rehab seekers when choosing a rehab. The cost will depend on the length of stay, programs, and rehab facility. Choosing a luxury Florida rehab will be costly.

Choose a Florida rehab center that works with your insurance cover. Your private health insurance will help pay for your rehabilitation, no matter the budget.

Other common options that help pay for rehab include Medicaid and Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

Medication-Assisted Therapies

The term, also known as medical detox, refers to onsite medical treatments before commencing your rehab process. Medical experts use Florida drug detox to help ease your rehabilitation process.

Alcohol detox facilities help ease the discomfort brought about by alcohol intake reduction. They will help you handle drug withdrawal and cravings.

A proficient Florida drug rehab will also track your physical health on your journey to recovery.

Length of the Program

Expert therapists should use your progress to determine your program’s length rather than using a specified number of days. But, most treatments will last for about a maximum of 90 days. Most experts recommend that a 60-90 days program is better.

Also, some addictions give an estimation of the time frame. But, there can be an extension of the program length if there is not much improvement.

It is important to choose a Florida rehab center with programs that provide various levels of rehab. That way, as you progress, you get into a less-intense care level.

Treatment Success Rate or Outcomes

Often, rehab centers do not measure treatment outcomes, or they do it inconsistently. Also, treatment success definition will vary amongst rehabilitation centers.

Avoid rehab centers that claim to have a 100% success rate or those that claim to have the cure. If they were to measure a rehab program’s success, they would have to use research-based methods.

Specialized Programs

Various Florida rehab centers specialize in treating different drug and substance addictions. For example, a Florida alcohol detox center will specialize in treating alcoholism.

Note that various facilities will succeed in treating some addictions than the rest. Depending on your special need, choose a facility specializing in your addiction. The facility should also offer a positive track record of treating you.

Some rehabs also specialize their services by age. Some will be better at treating teens or young adults. Specialization by age is important because it’s hard discussing issues in a mixed group.

Post-Treatment Recovery Support

Drug and substance addiction involves high-level clinical care and support. It’s paramount to have a support system in place once your drug rehab ends. That way, we prevent a risk of a relapse.

A legit Florida rehab center will offer various post-treatment options. The options may include phone-based coaching, continue care groups, or an app.

They help in building and strengthening recovery.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

A quality inpatient drug treatment program involves a multidisciplinary care team. The expert team helps in addressing all aspects of the body, mind, and soul. That means the rehabilitation program should involve a mix of medical professionals. They have to work together.

A multidisciplinary care team consists of:

  • Nurse
  • Psychiatrist
  • Medical doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Chemical dependency counselor
  • Nutritionist
  • Spiritual care counselor
  • Wellness specialist

Ensure you confirm all the team members’ licenses to practice in their fields. Be cautious if a particular team member wears many hats.


If you need a recovery facility, you have probably asked yourself this, “should I go to a rehab near me?” There are debates about whether it is okay to go to a rehab near your home.

True, nearby rehab facilities are ideal and convenient for individuals with commitments close to home. But, it is beneficial to go as far as possible from home in search of a rehab facility. That way, you get to break connections between you and your former life and toxic relationships.

Are you living in different states in the US? Consider finding a Florida rehab center to help you in your addiction recovery road.

Comparing Rehabs

After knowing the type of rehab you want, it is time to compare the different Florida rehab centers. Weighing all the factors will help you choose the right rehab for you.

Check what characteristics are important to you and pick the rehab that comes close to matching them. Note that it will be hard to find a facility that will match your preference.

But that way, you will find a rehab center that will aid you in getting started on the road to recovery.

Mental Health Services

Anxiety or depression are conditions that co-occur with drug and substance addictions. There should be an accurate dual diagnosis to determine the right treatment for you.

When performing a dual diagnosis on you, we care for addictions and other co-occurring mental illnesses.

Be sure to ask how the facility coordinates these treatments if their program does not cater to mental health services.

The Test of Time

Most Americans can now access health insurance to cover drug rehab after the passing of the Affordable Care Act. That may be great news to people, but now many companies are getting into the rehab industry.

True, most rehab centers provide quality care, but do your due diligence and remember the test of time. A Florida rehab center that has been around for a long has an already established credibility.

Consider Visiting a Florida Drug Rehab Today

You are beginning a new way of living by opting for addiction treatment. The changes you make while undergoing addiction rehabilitation will be your recovery foundation. You want that foundation to be strong.

What better way than finding an expert Florida drug rehab center? The above points will help you in identifying the best facility to engage.

At Desert Rose Recovery, we offer addiction treatments for men and women. Our Multidisciplinary Treatment Team treats help treat your entire body, mind, and spirit.

Contact us today to begin your addiction rehabilitation journey.

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