Jacob Webb

Jacob Webb

Founder & CEO

After 20 years as a coach, Jacob instinctively uncovers and unlocks the best in people. He founded Desert Rose as an extension of this mission – to build a place of healing centered around the soul's need for recovery from addiction, abuse and neglect.

He believes that with the right tools and resources, people can conquer and manage the disease of addiction. With the encouragement of family, friends, and community, Jacob and his wife launched Desert Rose in 2014. The program is built on the principle of Soul-Centered Treatment™:Guiding each client to the core emotional and spiritual issues that have manifested in addiction, so the soul can regenerate a healthy pattern of being – one filled with hope, dignity, and strength.

For many years, Jacob has served as a volunteer mentor at Place of Hope, where his wife is Clinical Director. Two of the couple’s older children were adopted from the unique faith-based, state-licensed children's organization, which provides family-style foster care and support services for children and families traumatized by abuse and neglect.

Jacob draws from the well of childhood pain caused by addiction and alcoholism in his own family. Restored through God, marriage, fatherhood, and adoption, Jacob has found his purpose in Desert Rose. By modeling ways to work through core issues and break destructive patterns, Jacob and his Desert Rose team demonstrate how positive life changes can occur –and can last.
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