February 22, 2022

Luxury Florida Rehab: What Is a Typical Day in Rehab Really Like?

luxury florida rehab

While 10% of people admit to having an addiction issue, 75% of them have stated they didn’t seek out any form of treatment. Without professional help, the chances of getting and remaining sober are slim. It’s hard enough to admit that you’re addiction is consuming your life, but it’s another thing to reach out and ask for help. Before you take your first step into a luxury Florida rehab, you might be wondering what a typical day will be like once there?

Below we’ve created an in-depth recap of what you should expect when entering drug rehab. Get ready to take your life back after checking out what we have to say below.

What Is Rehab? What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab or alcohol rehab is a treatment program for people looking to abstain from drug and alcohol abuse. Depending on the facility where you begin your treatment, you’ll have access to different programs and types of treatments.

For example, some treatment facilities stick to the traditional treatment model (12-steps). While others have begun taking a more holistic approach to their residents’ services.

Another thing to note about rehab is there are several forms of programs.

Some places only offer inpatient therapy, while others are for outpatient programs. Everything you’ll learn in treatment is designed to provide you with the coping skills you need to stay sober.

Alcohol rehab can be costly, but most insurance companies offer a form of coverage under their plans. Before you enter into treatment, we recommend speaking with your insurance company to clarify what is covered and what you’ll have to cover out of pocket.

Now that you understand what rehab is, here is what you can expect during a day in a luxury rehab.

Breakfast With Other Residents

After you’ve finished detoxing, you can expect to start participating in regular daily activities that other facility patients are participating in. As they say, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and in rehab, that’s where your day will start as well.

Even if you’re someone that doesn’t enjoy getting up early in the morning, sleeping in during your rehab stay isn’t a part of your program. You’ll go to the eating area with other residents and enjoy a healthy and balanced breakfast.

Depending on where you’re seeking treatment from, a few different things might take place after you’ve eaten breakfast. You might have some free time to take part in some of the classes offered by the facility.

This could mean taking part in a yoga class or learning how to meditate, which is a valuable tool when you’re feeling overwhelmed or triggered. You might also leave breakfast and head to your first therapy session of the day.

Remember, while you might initially be irritated, part of being in treatment is to learn better and new habits you can use after you’ve left treatment.

Group Therapy

Connecting with others that have been in the same place as you are vital to your sobriety. This is one of the reasons you’ve got to participate in group therapy sessions.

These sessions are led by a counselor or therapist specializing in addiction therapy. When you’re in these group therapy sessions, you’ll discuss different topics that pertain to the treatment process.

By engaging in these discussions, you can share your story with others and listen to their stories. While you might not be receptive to sharing at first, you’re going to gain a lot from listening to others.

One of the most complex parts of addiction treatment is finding others that understand what you’re going through. But, another thing you’ll find when you’re in group therapy is you’re not going to be able to get away with anything.

At some point, these people have been where you are in their recovery journey, so they know when you’re not being truthful. As you continue with these meetings, you’ll help with your individual therapy sessions.


After your group therapy session has ended, you’ll go to lunch or attend another class. These classes expose you to different things you’ve never tried before to help you discover things you might enjoy.

As you’re in the midst of addiction, you don’t think about anything else except reaching your next high. Now that you’ve entered treatment, you’ve got to find things to fill the time you’d typically spend using with something else.

If you’re not in another class, you’ll eat. You can think of lunch as your chance to relax and process everything you discussed when you were in your morning group therapy session.

More Therapy Sessions

After lunch, you’re going to attend more therapy sessions. There are several types of therapy sessions you might take part in like:

  • Group sessions
  • Individual sessions
  • Family sessions

Individual sessions are like group therapy in terms of the setup. The difference is you’re going to be in a one-on-one setting with a licensed counselor, and you’re not going to spend so much time discussing broad topics.

The point of individual sessions is to get to the root cause of your addiction and to help you identify damaging patterns that have kept you in your addiction for so long. You can expect to do a lot of hard work when you’re in individual sessions.

While it will be challenging, things will also be rewarding. When you have a breakthrough, it’s like releasing another one of the ties that kept you going back to drugs or alcohol for so long. Another form of therapy you might participate in is family sessions.

If you’ve been in a situation where your family has been a driving force in your addiction as far as codependency or past trauma, your counselor may suggest family therapy. In family therapy, you’ll have a chance to find ways not to repeat the cycle of codependency while also talking out issues in a neutral setting.

Sometimes these family therapy sessions are positive, and there are times when things may not go the way you wish for them to go.

Different Types of Therapies

We’ve mentioned you’ll take part in different classes to help you determine new activities you can fill your time with after you leave treatment. One such activity is music therapy.

It’s no secret that music can help you no matter what you’re feeling. From angry to sad, there’s a song to match your mood.

However, music can also be used for meditation purposes. For example, if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, you can turn on white noise music to help soothe and calm your nerves.

Another type of therapy is equine therapy. Equine therapy allows you to get closer to horses. You’ll learn not only how to ride them, but also how to take care of them.

You get the chance to build a bond with these majestic creatures, and over time your relationship will grow. You might even begin to find your love of exercise again.

Exercise therapy is great because it can help you work out any stress or anger you might be feeling. And there are many types of exercise, so every workout is different.

Evening Activities

As you move into the evening while in drug rehab, you can expect things to start wrapping up for the day. Chances are, you’ll participate in one more group therapy session where your counselor will give you something to work on or think about as you move into your nightly activities.

Of course, you will be provided with dinner and some time to relax before heading to bed. During this time, residents may be permitted to make phone calls to their families or watch television.

After this, you’ll begin doing things like showering and preparing for bed. Each facility has its own rules for its lights-out policy, but typically there is a time when quiet hours take effect.

This is so you don’t disturb other patients.

What Does a Typical Day in a Luxury Florida Rehab Look Like?

During your day in a luxury Florida rehab, there are certain things you can expect. You’ll wake up like everybody else and attend breakfast.

From there, you’ll participate in a series of individual and group therapy sessions while also taking part in classes that will help you learn new habits you can take into your new chapter. Every day is a day to wake up and embrace your sobriety journey.

Are you ready to take the next step after admitting you’ve got a problem? Contact Desert Rose Recovery and let us help you learn to stay sober in Florida.

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