June 20, 2022

Our Unique Payment Option for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One of our Desert Rose treatment advisors can work with you to find funding for your drug and alcohol rehab program or medical detox program. During your admissions screening, we will talk to you about your insurance plan, if you have one. We even have an insurance verification form that can be filled out to see if your plan will pay for drug and alcohol rehab.

Is Desert Rose the Right Fit?

Have you looked into our medical detox and other treatment programs and services? Here at Desert Rose, we want to help people live a substance-free lifestyle, We want to help people enjoy their life again. When you come to our treatment program, you will get understanding, compassion and empathy. If we sound like the right fit for you, pick up the phone and speak with one of our admissions advisors today. We work with both insurance and self-pay clients. Even if you aren’t sure how you will pay for treatment, we can give you ideas on how to get it covered.

Ways to Pay for Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Medical Detox

As noted above, there are numerous ways that our clients pay for their drug and alcohol rehab programs and medical detox services.

Paying with Private Insurance Plans

Some people that attend our rehab facility will pay for these services with insurance. There are so many different types of insurance these days, you may not be sure whether your insurance will cover the costs of your rehab program stay. That is alright. All you have to do is reach out to our Desert Rose admissions team. We can look into whether your insurance plan will cover these services. All you have to do is talk to us and give us your insurance information.

Paying with Medicare and Medicaid

There are some clients who have state or government insurance. The two most common types are Medicaid and Medicare. Plenty of people contact us wanting to know whether we accept these types of insurance. For the most part, we do. However, there are certain qualifications that people must meet in order to have Medicare and Medicaid cover drug and alcohol rehab services.

Are you ready to break free from your addiction? Reach out to our Desert Rose admissions coordinators today to find out how to fund your drug and alcohol rehab program

Private Funding/Financing

If you don’t have insurance, that doesn’t mean you can’t attend our Desert Rose facility treatment programs. We know the cost of rehab can be expensive. We also know that it doesn’t fit in everyone’s budget. The good news is there are some scholarships, grants, financing programs and other private funding plans that you can get to help pay for drug and alcohol rehab and medical detox programs.

You may want to reach out to third party lenders to see who you can qualify through with the lowest rates. There are some loan packages that cover drug and alcohol rehab that let you start paying 30 days after your treatment is over. This gives you time to get back on your feet and start working.

You might also have a 401(k) plan or IRA. If you do, you may want to consider taking money out of these plans to pay for your treatments.

Do you have a home? Is there equity in it? If so, you may want to access that in order to cover the rehab services you need to receive.

Do you have a vehicle that you never drive anymore? If so, with the need for used vehicles these days, you may be able to get a couple thousand dollars or more for your old vehicle. You could use that to pay for some of your treatment.

Crowdfunding or Fundraising

Have you considered starting up a crowdfunding account or doing a fundraiser?

There are many crowdfunding platforms these days. You can do a quick Google search to find a list of them. Then, you can share it with as many people as you can.

You can sign up for many different fundraisers, too. You can sell candy bars, collect popcans, sell candles and do other fundraisers. All you have to do is sign up with the company and go door to door to sell the products. This one does take more work, however, many people have used it to help them get sober and into recovery.

Borrowing Money from Friends and Loved Ones

Do you have a lot of friends and loved ones? Even if you don’t have a lot, but you have some whom you can trust, you may want to ask them if you can borrow or have some money. This could be a loan that you can pay back over time. If needed, your family members or friends can pay the rehab facility directly, so they know exactly where the money is going. You may get your friends or family members to run the fundraiser or crowdfunding platforms while you attend treatment, too. Then, when money comes in, they can use that to pay your rehab center bill.

Other State and Local Programs

There are many communities that have programs which help cover emergency expenses and needing addiction rehab is an emergency. It can help to save your life. Some people don’t feel comfortable going to these organizations and asking for money to pay for rehab. However, wouldn’t you ask for money to pay for cancer treatments? Addiction is a disease just like cancer. It runs rampant through your body without your control. However, once you get into a medical detox or drug and alcohol rehab program, you can get the help you need to fight this disease.

Did you know there are many federal and state programs that offer grants to people who need drug and alcohol rehab treatments. SAMHSA is one of these options. The SABG (Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant) offers help for those who need this type of treatment. There are qualifications that need to be met to get this grant. However, it may be something that you want to look into.

Selling Other Items of Value

Up above, we mentioned possibly selling an old car that you aren’t using. Do you have other items of value? What about an old diamond ring? How about expensive clothing or purses or shoes? Do you have popular paintings or high-class music equipment? Take an inventory of the belongings you have. If something holds value and you don’t mind selling it to get money to pay for rehab, get it listed. If needed, you can start your treatment program and leave the selling up to a family member or friend. Just as with the other options above, your friend or loved one can send the money directly to the rehab center when the money is made.

Get Into Drug and Alcohol Rehab Today

Are you finally ready to start your road to recovery? Are you wondering how you are going to pay for medical detox or the addiction treatment programs? Try any of the options above to cover the costs.

Contact us today, here at Desert Rose, to get into drug and alcohol rehab.

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