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Although addiction can be mentally and physically debilitating, recovery is possible. The road to recovery is different for everyone, but with a reliable support system and certified recovery-care team, one can return to a healthy, independent lifestyle.

The Four Elements of Recovery

In general, there are four key elements that facilitate successful recovery.

  1. Health: returning to making decisions that benefit physical and mental health by avoiding substances, managing addiction symptoms and making holistically healthy choices.

  2. Purpose: finding a reason to get out of bed every day. Create goals, help the community, and in general, independently participate in society in a way that is fulfilling.

  3. Home: having a stable, safe, stress-free place to live.

  4. Community: rebuilding a social network of friends and family that can facilitate loving, supportive relationships for the future.

The Foundation of Recovery

While the specific path to recovery is different for everyone, there are certain principles that should be considered in all rehabilitation efforts. Primarily, the idea that whatever is being treated can be overcome is key to the mindset of the individual in recovery. It is important that hope remains central during rehabilitation, and the idea that natural setbacks will happen and are only a part of the growing process.

Addiction recovery is a highly personalized process — with that, it is self directive. The willingness to improve must be present in the individual themselves in order for them to return to a sense of normalcy. During recovery, the individual must find a way to motivate themselves (along with the motivation of others) to rejoin society at whatever pace they feel comfortable with. With the recognition that change is needed and possible for their lifestyle, recovery will become increasingly attainable.

Although addiction recovery is a personalized process, it is not necessary to go through it alone. Going along with the concept of community, having a trusted, uplifting social network is essential to a return to normalcy. The process is most successful when the individual has family, friends and a skilled treatment team to lean on when the going gets tough.

Throughout recovery, it is important to remember that although treatment is not necessarily a cure, it is a proven way to successfully manage and overcome addiction.

Preparing for Recovery

Because recovery is an individualized process, it is important that the patient is prepared mentally to receive treatment. Sometimes, simply coming to terms with the fact that recovering from something is necessary, as feelings of denial and fear are often present in those suffering from addiction.

The first and most important step is for the individual to recognize that they are struggling with addiction and it is something that deserves attention. Committing to a drastic lifestyle change is difficult, but recognizing that change is necessary also allows for recognizing that recovery is possible.

Once the individual has come to terms with the fact that they are struggling with addiction, it is time to clear up any questions that remain about it. Learning about addiction is essential for recovery—before seeking treatment, the prospective patient should know that addiction is not a choice, but a disease.

Prepare to seek addiction recovery treatment by surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family. It is reassuring to have those who will encourage you in the long run commit to being by your side at the beginning. Once there is a solid community to fall back on, it is time to determine the most effective treatment option.

Seeking Addiction Recovery Treatment

Once prepared for recovery, the next step is actually seeking addiction treatment. Just as recovery is an individualized process, every treatment method is tailored to the individual and there are many treatments to choose from.

If the individual lacks a safe, stable living environment, inpatient treatment might be the best choice. Staying at a facility for a period of time between 30-90 days allows for a full immersion into treatment, and inpatient centers often have access to a multitude of treatment resources.

In contrast, outpatient treatment does not require a full-time residential stay. The patient will be able to enjoy personal freedoms such as attending school and/or living at home while receiving most of the same benefits as one would in inpatient care.

Another important factor to consider is the cost-effectiveness of each program. There is obviously a discrepancy between the prices of inpatient, outpatient and state sponsored treatment programs, but one thing is for sure: the costs of avoiding addiction recovery treatment far supersede the costs of taking advantage of it.

Beginning a new life at Desert Rose Recovery means tackling addiction head-on. Our team of caring addiction specialists understand what it takes to transform your life. Call us today to learn more.

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