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If you found your way here searching for opioid addiction treatment, the chances are excellent that you or someone you love about is living with opioid dependence. The first thing we want you to know is that his is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. The fact is that millions of Americans have found themselves in the same situation.

In fact, at least 50,000 people a year die of opioid-involved overdoses according to research at the National Institutes of Health, That adds up to almost 137 people every day. The bottom line is, there is no way to overstate the gravity of the opioid addiction crisis. Opioid addiction robs people of their potential. Their joy and happiness. It steals precious moments with family and loved ones. It causes trauma, even when opioid addiction is a result of trauma itself.

Hope for Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Make no mistake. The statistics surrounding opioid addiction are grim. But there’s great reason for hope and we’ll tell you why. The fact is that the opioid addiction crisis in this country has been so serious that it has increased demand for effective treatment. The skyrocketing demand for opioid addiction treatment that really works and establishes long term sobriety has driven government and private sector research. Let’s face it, there’s never a good time to be wrestling with an addiction to opioids. But there has never been a better time to be looking for help for opioid addiction. the trend towards evidence-based addiction treatment has been gathering steam for more than a decade. Evidence based care utilizes treatment methods which have been proven effective by clinical research and practical experience.

What is Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment?

Simply put evidence-based treatment is using the best of what works. True evidence-based addiction care also means responding to evidence as it arises. This means individualized addiction treatment plans and adapting treatment to the patients’ needs as they evolve. For example, a patient may enter treatment without knowledge of a psychological disorder. During the course of treatment, they may receive a diagnosis of a mental health disorder. This is what is meant by dual diagnosis. Patient may have entered treatment for opioid addiction but discovered that they had a secondary diagnosis. In an evidence-based opioid addiction treatment program the patient’s treatment plan evolves to reflect the needs presented by this secondary diagnosis.

This aspect of evidence-based addiction treatment is vital. Not only because the person deserves relief from their co-occurring disorder, but because co-occurring disorders that are not diagnosed and treated properly is one of the leading causes of relapse. In a nutshell, evidence-based treatment is informed by real life clinical examples. Perhaps even more importantly it also responds to new information as it appears and is confirmed. Essentially it takes the guesswork out of treating addiction. Even though science is learning more about the brain every day and we don’t entirely understand the mechanism of addiction, we can see which methods of treatment are effective and which are not. This fact is the foundation upon which evidence-based opioid addiction treatment is built.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Options

The ideal scenario for most people living with opioid addiction begins with a safe and comfortable medical detox. At minimum, you will want relief from any potential withdrawal symptoms. This is not only for comfort and safety, but also because withdrawal symptoms are often the reason for relapse in very early recovery. It’s hard to expect someone to make it through the first few weeks if they are battling physical withdrawal symptoms, anxiety and depression after all. Desert Rose Recovery is truly a complete opioid addiction treatment program.

Unlike most alcohol and drug rehabs, we handle all of the primary ASAM levels of care from start to finish here under one program. This is a critical difference that makes Desert Rose a different caliber of program from most South Florida alcohol and drug rehabs. Your care begings at our 5-star opioid detox facility to ensure your comfort and safety. We believe that continuity of care is a key attribute to an effective opioid addiction treatment program. Transferring in and out of other facilities and programs can be disruptive. With our program, you’re with us every step of the way.

5-Star Alcohol and Drug Detox

At Desert Rose Recovery we know that your time is valuable and you only have a certain amount of it in treatment. We take that commitment very seriously so we make certain that all the time you spend with us is as productive and healing as possible. Another advantage of a truly integrated program like ours is that we get more time to get to know you.

Healing the mind begins with purifying the body and few facilities do this as well as Desert Rose Recovery can. Substance abuse treatment at Desert Rose Recovery begins with our 5-star drug and alcohol detox. Here you benefit from a safe and comfortable medical detox with 24-hour supervision.

Our addiction experts carefully control withdrawal discomfort with state-of-the-art medicines and substance abuse treatment therapies. Because we offer safe and comfortable medical detox as a part of our program, we are able to deliver continuity of care that many less advanced substance abuse treatment programs cannot match.

Residential Opioid Addiction Treatment

Our residential opioid addiction treatment program is where the rubber meets the road, as the old expression goes. With your mind and body clear of the drugs that brought them out of balance, you are ready to turn your attention inward. All clients in our evidence-based opioid addiction treatment program have a highly individualized treatment plan which evolves with their needs during their stay. Continuous assessment and reevaluation is just one of the elements that makes Desert Rose Recovery special.

During your residential treatment for opioid addiction, you will enjoy 24-hour clinical staff support. individual and group therapy along with specialty tracks and wellness activities round out a full day of treatment that few programs can equal. Everything we do at Desert Rose is designed to not only help you heal, but to give you the tools you need to continue your progress after you leave our care. To that end, we also offer world-class aftercare support and alumni services to help you stay on track afterwards.

PHP Opioid Addiction Treatment

Desert Rose Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program is the phase of care that directly follows residential inpatient treatment for opioid dependence. Here we build on the growth you’ve accomplished during your residential treatment. In the PHP phase of care, clients receive a little more schedule flexibility. This allows for recreation, rest and relaxation time which are essential to healing.

Progress and milestones are a hallmark of recovery. We want for every person we have the privilege to treat to have a sense of accomplishment from the work they do here. Our phased treatment approach reinforces this way of thinking. It also encourages the people we care for to continue setting goals in recovery long after they leave opioid addiction treatment with us.

IOP and OP Opioid Addiction Treatment

After clients complete the Desert Rose Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) they ready to progress to our Intensive Outpatient Program. IOP is the phase where clients begin to spread their wings and exercise newly minted recovery in more real-world situations. A home-like sober living environment helps you learn to apply newfound tools and experience the value of fellowship in recovery.

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Some people say that IOP is like the forging process where the steel of new recovery is strengthened. It is here that we find any remaining weak areas that need shoring up before returning to everyday life and its responsibilities. Outpatient treatment follows the IOP phase and allows clients to stay connected to Desert Rose Recovery while resuming education or career pursuits.

Complete Opioid Addiction Treatment at Desert Rose Recovery

The Desert Rose Recovery opioid addiction treatment model offers a complete array of services. Everything you need to get sober in one program. We can help you build the recovery lifestyle you need to thrive. The willingness to change and an open mind are the only tools you need to transform your life with our help.

  • Complete care in one program. Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP and OP.
  • Desert Rose’s own 5-star safe and comfortable medical detox
  • Holistic addiction care focused on wellness.
  • Evidence-based residential addiction treatment.
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning and guidance.
  • Robust alumni support program.

Most Insurances Accepted

As Florida’s leader in evidence-based opioid addiction treatment, Desert Rose Recovery works with the majority of private health insurance companies. We regret that we are unable to accept state insurances such as Medicaid or Medicare at this time.

Opioid Addiction Treatment with Integrity

Desert Rose Recovery is a complete opioid addiction care program. This means we offer all of the fundamental ASAM levels of care you need right here in one program. We have Joint Commission Accreditation, membership in NAATP, state licensing and are associated with certified recovery residences.

Follow Our Lead

We know beginning addiction treatment can seem frightening for many people. Most of us have had our lives touched by addiction too and we truly do understand. We know the terrain and we can be an invaluable guide in navigating your early recovery and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. This is what we do best. All that’s required of you is a little trust and willingness and we can make great things happen in your life, together.

The Desert Rose Admissions Process

Our system is streamlined and efficient. We begin with a pre-admission phone interview (with the person to be admitted) and insurance verification if you elect to use medical insurance. After that comes clinical intake approval by our director. As long as we are a good fit for you, this usually happens fast. From there, we arrange discrete ground transportation to bring you to our substance abuse treatment center.

We can pick you up from any local address, airport, train or bus station. Once you arrive you will see a nurse to check your vitals and get some key information and we’ll begin your medication-assisted opioid detox protocol. Any discomfort, anxiety or insomnia sleeplessness you have will be expertly treated. This is what we do best! Breathe easy. You or your loved one will be in good hands at Desert Rose Recovery from start to finish.

The admissions process at Desert Rose Recovery is easy:

  • Call us at (855) 866-6992 for an insurance coverage check.
  • Complete a pre-admission phone interview with your admissions coordinator.
  • Get clinical approval for admission to Desert Rose Recovery (this usually happens quickly).
  • Communicate travel plans with your admissions coordinator so we can prepare for your arrival.

Does Insurance Cover Opioid Treatment?

Desert Rose Recovery works with most major health insurance providers. If you want to know what your plan covers, the easiest way is to give us a call or submit a form through our website for insurance benefits verification. Feel free to call us directly or submit a form online for insurance verification and call for the assessment later. We regret that we cannot accept state-funded plans such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Checking your insurance is simple and usually takes us less than an hour. Note that an insurance benefits check does not obligate you to treatment at Desert Rose Recovery. It simply gives us permission to verify what benefits your plan offers and then explain to you how you can use those benefit for substance abuse treatment.

All you need for insurance verification is:

  • A health/medical insurance card
  • Your (or the patients) full legal name, date of birth and social security number (or last 4 digits)
  • A telephone (or computer) to submit the information to us.

Stake Your Claim on Recovery

Desert Rose Recovery wants to help you or your loved one reclaim their freedom. The best version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to become is within reach. All it takes is the willingness to pick up the phone. Reach out to us now and we can help you begin the most important journey you’ll ever take. It’s time to stake your claim on recovery now.

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