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Owner Jacob Webb talks about how Desert Rose got started, and why it is such a unique place to get treatment for addiction and other mental health issues. 
By Aaron Mills 25 Dec, 2017
It is so hard these days to tell the difference between treatment centers in the addiction recovery industry. So many business owners are running centers primarily with a profit motive, and so many scandals and stories of failure haunt the rehab industry in South Florida. It can be daunting to find somewhere genuine to seek help.

By and large, nearly all the well-known treatment centers promote the same kinds of activities and their own twist on therapy. Everything from art and music therapy to adventure therapy with outings into nature have become more common place than they were when Desert Rose first adopted them. Additional services, like chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture, have also become more common. 

But can services and unique types of therapy really set a treatment center apart? Is that really the thing that should determine how much trust we bestow on the staff and leadership of a rehab?

Let's be honest. Saying we care, or saying we are special is just marketing, and every center does it. Nearly every rehab in Florida shows pictures of beaches, and we are no different. It is certainly an attractive reason for someone to get on a plane and come here for treatment. Yes, we really do live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth. But will that alone get you healthy?

Our unique forms of therapy, our excellent track record, and our caring staff really are great reasons to trust us with your recovery, or to send your family member into our care. 

The stories that have been created by what is happening here at Desert Rose are powerful. Lives are changing and people are getting healthy, in many cases even after they had given up on that possibility in life. 

But it is not our gender-specific programs, or our evidence-based treatment, or even our tailor-made custom treatment programs that should convince you this is the right place for treatment. Don't get us wrong, those are all great reasons. They are just not the best reason.

It is not even the hope our past clients proclaim after treatment here, or the fact that we have a great ratio of therapists to clients, or even the fact that we really do have an authentic family atmosphere. We do indeed care about our clients, and what happens to them. Those are big reasons to choose Desert Rose. 

But there is another reason that we think you should know about. Something different.

The reason you should see that Desert Rose Recovery is the West Palm Beach rehab worthy of your trust, is the philosophy of our owner. It is how he believes we should make decisions. It is how we make decisions, and the standard by which we hold ourselves accountable.  

Every center can talk about the unique programs, therapies, and special spa-like atmosphere. When it comes down to who you are going to trust with your future, or the future of a family member, Jacob Webb's standards for how we make decisions really is unique and special. 

Take the time to watch this short interview with Jacob. We think you will have a better understanding about who we are, and why we have hope for your future. We care about what happens to you, and we are standing by to take your call. 

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