August 17, 2022

Ways to Stay Sober

Ways to Stay Sober

If you or someone you know has quit abusing alcohol, you may be focused on your recovery. This is a great thing, but there might be times when you aren’t quite sure how you are going to stay sober. You may also be new to recovery and be trying to learn all you can about sobriety and recovery. No matter what the case might be, there are numerous ways to stay sober. Hopefully, the tips that you read here today can help you. If you need to start your sobriety and/or recovery, our Desert Rose Recovery team can assist you in this journey. 

Making the Best Changes

If you are working on your sobriety, it is vital that you change your old habits, hangouts and routines. There are many ways that you can do this including:

    • Going to support groups 
  • Reading the Big Book
  • Spending more time with those who are sober
  • Planning and participating in substance-free activities 
  • Avoid situations that would normally trigger you to drink alcohol
  • Create and stick to a structured schedule
  • Set and focus on short and long-term goals

If you can start making changes that are best for your recovery, you will have a much better chance of staying sober. 

Developing Healthy Relationships

Just like many others who have abused alcohol, you might have developed relationships with those who have unhealthy habits such as procrastination, drinking and driving, abusing alcohol and those who don’t support your recovery. Now that you are working on your sobriety, it would be best to take a look at those relationships. If they aren’t going to adjust to help or benefit you in recovery, it may be best to reassess your relationship with them. Staying in toxic relationships is going to increase your chances of relapsing. 

In addition, with new people you meet, it would be good to slowly develop friendships with them to ensure they have similar life goals, positive attitudes toward life and support your recovery. A lot of the time, people who are in recovery find new friendships that last a long time. This could be what happens for you, as well. 

Improve Your Physical Fitness

If you drank heavily for a significant amount of time, it is likely that your physical health was negatively impacted. You may not be in great physical shape. However, there are things you can do in your recovery to improve your physical fitness such as:

  • Going on walks 
  • Participate in more recreational activities 
  • Eat healthier 
  • Exercise regularly 

If you can follow these tips, they can truly help with your recovery and sobriety. By adding physical activities to your daily routine, it can help to balance your mood, reduce triggers and improve your focus on your recovery. 

Work or Volunteer

Recovery alcoholics often have issues getting their work-related tasks done, keeping a job and managing their money. If you had an addiction for some time, you may even have financial issues by this time. The good news is there are ways to repair your life including your career and future. Keep in mind that it may be tough for awhile and you may need to take a job that you don’t particularly prefer right now, but over time, with commitment and dedication you can advance. 

Even if you aren’t ready for a job, there are still chances for you to get out of your house and do something good. Many people who are in recovery volunteer. They go to hospitals, schools, churches and in their community to help out other people. They find it therapeutic and helpful in preventing a relapse. This may be something that you want to try, as well. 

If you attend a treatment program here at Desert Rose, our team will help you with aftercare planning that includes looking for and getting a job and/or volunteering.

Keep Calm

There are so many emotions that a person is going to experience during their recovery. It isn’t a secret that one of the things causing many relapses is unmanaged emotions. From anger to sadness to grief and much more, there are emotions you will need to deal with during your recovery. 

When you attend a treatment program here at Desert Rose Recovery, you will learn emotion management, coping skills and how to overcome certain emotions. You can use this information to help improve your emotions and prevent a relapse when the negative feelings do come up. 

Staying calm is one of the best ways to manage your sobriety. It can be tough at times, but if you become good at doing this, you will see that it helps you in more ways throughout your recovery.


Handle Your Past Mistakes

The majority of people who are in recovery from alcohol addiction are dealing with a lot of suffering. It can take a lot of time to heal. However, one of the things that can help you with your healing process is to handle your past mistakes. Now, this isn’t going to happen overnight. However, the more past mistakes you can work through and overcome, the less they are going to affect your recovery. 

Get Your Life Into Balance

One of the things that often lead people in recovery to relapse is having things chaos in their life. For instance, if you don’t stick to a schedule, don’t attend your treatments or meetings, have toxic relationships or don’t stick to your recovery plan, you will likely relapse. 

There are, however, many tips that can help you to keep your life in balance such:

  • Getting support from your family and friends
  • Following routines at various parts of the day
  • Sticking to a productive schedule
  • Get control over what you can, but accept what you can’t control 

If you have parts of your life that are out of control, it will be much more difficult to stay sober. With this being said, starting your recovery here at Desert Rose Recovery Center is a great way to learn how to get your life in balance. 

Start Your Life of Sobriety Today

Are you struggling with alcohol abuse? Maybe, it is time to get some support from a team of professionals and others who want to be sober, too. Here at Desert Rose Recovery Center, our team is able to help with all your sobriety and recovery needs. 

Contact us today to start your life of sobriety and watch your life soar in the right direction.

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