May 23, 2022

What to Look for in a Good Addiction Rehab

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There are thousands and thousands of addiction rehab treatment programs available. How are you supposed to know which one to choose? Picking the right treatment center is important given your energy, time, and money will be spent and your recovery is on the line. You want the highest quality of care, as well.

Through plenty of research and our own experience with addiction recovery, our team has found the top things that you should look for in a good addiction rehab center. These qualities range from individualized treatments to accreditations to continuing care and much more.

We hope that this blueprint will help you to locate the addiction rehab that is right for you. If you want to speak to a member of our addiction rehab team about these factors, feel free to contact Dessert Rose today.

Treatment Matching and Assessments

Getting the right type of help for a drug or alcohol addiction starts with finding valid, reliable screenings and assessments – not only for the addiction but for a variety of mental health disorders and physical health conditions, too.

Following these assessments, you should also give a detailed substance use history, medical history, family history, psychiatric history, previous treatment history, and any other important history details to the addiction rehab staff. Here at Dessert Rose, we ask about all these things and much more. We want to know everything about you specifically, so we can best fit you into a treatment program that is going to work for you.

Integrated, Comprehensive Treatment

As noted above, some patients are going to have a mental or physical health condition along with the addiction. For example, some patients might have:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Hepatitis C
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • STDs

The treatment program you attend should have the capability and desire to incorporate comprehensive treatment approaches that directly address theirs and your concerns regarding your health and addiction. Treating the whole patient should be key – not just one part of their disease or disorder.

Emphasis on Continuing Care

Continuing care means providing ongoing care including recovery-specific support for the following needs:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Overall well-being
  • Mental

This is care that is provided after the patient leaves the treatment center. The programs that are available should emphasize and encourage continuing care. It won’t just be a list of phone numbers you can call when you need help. Instead, it will involve assertive links to community resources, health care provider information, support groups, recovery communities, and a range of other recovery-related materials and resources.

Here at Dessert Rose, we found that putting an emphasis on continuing care provides far better outcomes than only handing out best wishes and a list of resources.

 What to Look for in a Good Addiction Rehab

Respectful, Dignified Environment

We believe that every recovery environment should be respectful and dignified, not just those for physical health, but the ones for mental health, too. You don’t have to sleep on a luxury mattress in a room filled with fancy paintings, but you should expect to be respected. You should also expect to stay in a bright, clean, and comfortable treatment center.

It is also crucial that the treatment center staff treats addictions or substance use disorders with care, support, and professionalism.

Part of the reason we believe this is so important is that many addicts have already lost their self-respect and we want to help them get it back.

Involving the Family and/or Significant Other in the Treatment Process

Engaging family members and significant others in the treatment process is crucial. These are people the recovering addict will spend time with when they go back home. It is important that they can be supportive of the recovery process and learn their role in the patient’s recovery, too. Some of the things that family members and significant others should be able to learn when coming to therapy or support groups include:

  • Their role in recovery
  • Reframing their behavior
  • Learning how to manage their relationship with the recovering addict
  • Monitoring and setting boundaries
  • Re-intervening (when necessary)
  • Finding community services to strengthen the whole family unit
  • Learning how to cope with the past and the present 

Here at Dessert Rose, we teach all of this and so much more. We want to help equip family members and significant others with all the resources they need.

Strategies to Engage Patients in Their Treatment Program

Did you know that the average addiction rehab dropout rate is about 50% nationally? When people drop out of rehab, it often leads to going back to drugs and/or alcohol usage. Sometimes, it even leads to a fatal overdose.

For this reason, specifically, plus many others, it is crucial for addiction rehab centers to use strategies that help engage patients in their treatment programs. When patients attend this type of treatment, they are much more likely to retain information and use it when they leave rehab. Some of the strategies that can be and are used here at our Dessert Rose treatment center include:

  • Providing clear expectations of program rules and regulations
  • Letting patients know what they can expect during detox
  • Clearly communicating with our patients 
  • Building mutual trust between us and our patients
  • Being fully transparent with our patients and their family members
  • Providing client-centered care and treatment 
  • Using motivational incentives to reward our patients to continue saying abstinent

If you are looking for a good rehab program, these are the strategies you should be looking for or asking about.

Using Evidence-Based Treatments and Practices

Here at Dessert Rose, we believe that the best rehab centers will use evidence-based treatments and practices. These are treatments found scientifically to achieve the best results. For example, the rehab center would use only medications that have been approved by the FDA for drug rehab usage. They would also use scientifically-backed research to perform the best therapy practices, as well.

Ongoing Training for Staff and Adequate Supervision of Patients

It is vital that the rehab center staff members are trained regularly, so they can continue following all the new evidence-based treatments. It is also important that the rehab center employs staff members in the following niches:

  • Addiction
  • Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Spirituality

By doing this, the patients can better uncover and then address a wide variety of their needs. The availability of staff members who are trained in the above areas also helps aid patients throughout the addiction recovery process.

The staff members should also be readily available to supervise and help out the patients which is why a good staff-to-patient ratio is essential.

Proper Accreditations

The best addiction rehab programs will also be accredited by the proper organizations such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the Council on Accreditation (COA) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Get Addiction Rehab Help Today

You read above about all the things you should look for when trying to find a good addiction rehab. Here at Dessert Rose, we have all these things and so much more to offer our patients.

Contact us today to get into an addiction rehab program right away.

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